Men’s Lax Just Shy of Win in OT Loss
by Channing Joseph

In a seeming repeat of last week’s loss to Marietta, the Oberlin men’s lacrosse team fell to the Washington and Jefferson Presidents in overtime, 5-4, on Wednesday. The loss dropped their record to 0-11 overall and 0-5 in the NCAC.
The game was tied 3-3 after the first half. Oberlin scored the go-ahead goal late in the third quarter on a quick shot from the edge of the offensive zone. But the Yeomen failed to clear the offensive zone after a President turnover in the fourth quarter, allowing Washington and Jefferson to strike for the tying goal and push the game into overtime.
The Presidents put the winning goal on net at 2:33 in the overtime period.
The team’s responses to the defeat were somewhat mixed, though rays of optimism did shine through.
“I felt pretty good,” sophomore Logan Hegg said. “The score didn’t reflect how we played. We watched the tape, and we saw a lot of good things. A lot of guys played with heart, and we really worked together as a team. It was also a really nice day. I was just glad to be outside running around.”
Junior Sam Bryar expressed similar sentiment. “It was a really good effort,” Bryar said. “We had a lot of opportunities. If we had converted just a few more, then we would have won. The frustrating part of the game was that we were so close and we just kept missing. The defense worked pretty well. So did the offense. It was a case of lost opportunities. Not enough was clicking.”
Later, Bryar said, “We know we’re improving everyday, for all the losses we’ve had. For all the injuries we’ve had. There were games when we had three men injured and were playing with nine people. It’s tough. The hardest thing I’ve done in sports, probably ever.”
Senior goalkeeper Dave Smolev, who is ranked second in the NCAC in save percentage, and recently recorded his 1,000th save against Marietta, had a slightly different outlook.
“For the team as a whole, we need to take a step back and look for something more than just going out there and winning,” he said. “We need to go out there to have fun. We don’t need to expect to win the national championships because with 11 or 12 guys, it’s not realistic that we could do that.
“Personally, I’m having the best season I’ve ever had. Hopefully, my career isn’t over. I was invited to a professional combine this June. I’m going to go down and hopefully I am going to get something. I just love to be able to get out there and keep playing.”
The Yeomen’s next game will be an at home game against the College of Wooster at 1:30 p.m. on Saturday, May 4.

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