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CONTENTSPainting/Drawing/PrintStudentFacultyChanning Joseph


Oberlin Student

Theater, Philosophy
Home Town:
Slidell, Louisiana
His Work  
The Circuitry of My Soul
  MySelf Image
Nuclear Nest
  Our Lady of the Fallen Leaves
  The Pirate With No One To Love
The Wrath of Anticipation
Torin’s Braids
Zygote in the Dark

Artist's Statement  
My art is a spiritual space for me. It is the physical and aesthetic by-product of my personal search for inner freedom, inspiration, and personal identity. The images I create almost always feel to me like dream-visions, and I view them in a quasi-Freudian fashion, as often surreal and non-linear symbols of the emotions and perceptions I experience in the waking world. Quite often, I also see my works as my children, my friends, my comrades. So many of my pieces center on the humanoid face that it seems natural for me to think of my individual works as living characters who whisper to me through their frozen, two-dimensional windows, inviting me to the hyperkinetic world that lies beyond and in which they live and breathe. In many cases, it is even possible for me to see individual pieces as “photographs” of the emotional landscapes I felt within myself while creating them, as moments captured from the grip of time, to which I and every other person might visit at leisure for as long as our imagination allows.